Rapid Prototyping

Rapid PrototypingAt PCML we specialise in rapid prototyping of precision machined products for high-tech industries. We are committed to providing high-tech industries with high quality, fast turnaround services producing physical parts from conceptual models within 3D CAD drawings.

Prototyping and Research & Development represents approximately 20% of our turnover and is classified as A category work requiring very high skill levels, consequently we only use our most experienced time served engineers on such work.

Applying state of the art technology and processes, we are able to meet the competitive demands of high-tech industries working with the latest software packages including - Solidworks, AutoCAD and others to accommodate most engineering requirements.

We have made significant investments in the latest CNC machine tool technology including multi-axis turning and machining centres.

We have also invested in Progress, one of the leading Manufacturing & Production and Capacity Planning software packages.

Progress, a fully integrated management information system, is designed specifically for companies who manufacture and assemble multiple products to specific customer order.

Progress offers real time cost management and helps to increase on-time delivery performance, as well as creating a more productive work environment.

PCML has over 25 years experience helping customers turn concepts into prototypes and finally into finished products. We help our customers design out manufacturing costs when developing new products as well as helping them to speed up the new product development process, whilst at the same time significantly reduce the risks associated with such a strategy.