Product Development Consultancy

PCML provides consultancy, design and prototype manufacturing services

Product developmentHere PCML's full range of expertise is applied. Initially this may include working with the client to test out new product concepts, new product design and development work, or to redesign existing products.

The complex design of many products also requires PCML to apply their innovative work holding design, development and manufacturing capabilities to the full.

Jigs & fixtures often need to be capable of handling small batch production runs with up to 4/5th axis machining capability for a range of materials including biocompatible plastic, stainless steel and titanium.

Our in house design facilities can handle files from a wide range of computer aided design software.

Prototype and Rapid Response manufacturing is carried out in a dedicated facility using high precision manual and CNC machine tools.

Utilising our extensive experience, we have helped to develop a number of innovative world-beating products for OEMs in the UK, including surgical implant devices for Surgicraft and commercial inkjet printers for Inca Digital Printers Limited.

Intext neck implant Stalif back implant Columbia industrial inkjet printer